May 16, 2017
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Posted by: Melissa
Vendor Space Availability

At this time The 181 Market is 100% full.  We are NOT accepting any additional vendors for 2017.  Please check back with us Spring 2018.  Thank you!

Melissa C Smith
Market Manager

Market Rules

2013 The 181 Market Rules


 1. RENT:  Vendors must be current on their monthly shop / space fee in order to participate.  Past due vendors will be locked out of their space if payment is not received in a timely manner.  A $10 late fee will be charged to any vendor submitting rent after the 10th of the month.

 2. LICENSE:  All government permits required of Vendor shall be the responsibility of Vendor.  A City of Fairhope Business License and a Baldwin County Business License is required prior to participating in the Market. 

 3. TAXES: Collecting 8% Sales Tax is the responsibility of the Vendor.  Paying taxes on all sales shall be the responsibility of the Vendor.  Taxes are due on the 20th of each month.  1% paid to the City of Fairhope, 3% paid to Baldwin County and 4% paid to the State of Alabama.

 4. OCCUPANCY: No more than one Vendor may occupy the space rented by the Vendor. However, two Vendors or more may rent two spaces or more in their individual names and share responsibility of overseeing same. When in doubt, check with management. Vendors may not for any reason sublease their space or building.

5. HOURS:  Our advertised hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the First Sunday of each month. Your participation is GREATLY appreciated. Vendors and customers have 24hr access to the facilities.  No loitering Allowed. Vendors are permitted to work throughout the week at their own discretion. Overnight stays are not permitted.

 6. CALL OUT: Call the Market if you are unable to open (Melissa Smith, 251-591-7340).  Taking a vacation, illness, death, family emergency, etc. … out of common courtesy to those vendors around you, please keep us informed.  Especially our food and beverage vendors.  Customers and vendors need to be informed if food and beverage service will not be available.

 7. SETUP: Vendors are required to set up (load and unload) prior to opening.  Vendor vehicles are not permitted between the buildings during Market hours of operation.

 8. PARKING: Vendor parking is located on the north side of the Market, under the pecan trees.  Parking is prohibited on either end of the building, beside the dumpster or between the Market aisles (during market hours).  Truck and trailer access must be maintained at all times for Highway 181 Mini Storage customers.

 9. POWER: Vendors requesting power will be charged a one-time, electrical hook up fee of $100.  Fee may be paid in 3 equal, monthly installments. Vendors have unlimited use of power / electricity, when the market is OPEN. Market hours are Friday & Saturday 9:00 till 4:00 and Sunday 9:00 – 2:00.  All electrical items are to be turned off at close of market hours (fans, coolers, radios, etc.).  Excessive use of power may result in additional monthly fees.

10. WIFI: Secured, WIFI is available in The 181 Market for vendor, business use only, to enhance your business operations.  Currently, hotspots are located on the North lawn, between buildings B & A and A & A1, Bette’s Hotdog Stand and East end of the market.  Password required

11. DISPLAYS:  All merchandise is to be kept in your shop / space.  Vendors may also display merchandise directly in front of Vendor’s shop / space.   A clear, center aisle must be maintained at all times for vendor and customer safety, between all buildings.

12. INSURANCE: Vendors should obtain adequate property, liability and workmen’s compensation insurance.  The 181 Market accepts no responsibility for loss to Vendor for any reason. In the event The 181 Market is sued for any negligent acts of the Vendor, Highway 181 Mini Storage insurance company will subrogate against the Vendor for the full amount of loss paid.  Renters insurance is also available through Highway 181 Mini Storage at an additional monthly fee.

13. ALTERATIONS: Any additions or alterations to space or building require written permission of management.  Walls are not to be removed and doors are not to be altered.  Holes are NOT to be drilled into the interior metal walls, gutters, building exterior, etc.  Maintenance issues are to be reported to owner or management.

14. CONTRABAND: Banned items for sale include but are not limited to: Firearms and fireworks; illegal or offensive items; dangerous or vicious animals; poisonous snakes; drugs and drug paraphernalia; alcoholic beverages; pornographic material. When in doubt contact management.

15. ALCOHOL: The consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.  At any time, management has the right to terminate any vendor consuming or serving alcohol.  Any vendor or patron suspected of being alcohol or drug intoxicated will be banned and/or terminated from The 181 Market.

16. SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Unwelcome behavior will not be tolerated.  Any vendor or customer found verbally, non-verbally or physically harassing another individual will be banned from the market indefinitely.  Sexual harassment and/or harassment of any kind should be reported to owner or management.

17. TRASH: Vendors are responsible for the clean-up of their area. All garbage and trash etc. are to be placed in the Market dumpster. Nothing is to be left on the Market grounds when you leave. Anything left is considered trash and abandoned. There will be a cleaning fee imposed for those that can’t clean up their area. Large items, broken or unwanted merchandise is to be hauled off at the Vendors expense. NO dumping permitted.

18. BUGS:  Food is NEVER to be left in spaces over-night.  Left out food will only invite rodents and bugs into the market.  Routine pest control and rodent bait is provided by the property management.

19. CIGARETTES: Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.  “Smoking Pots” are located through-out the Market for smokers.  Please help us maintain these pots.  If the pot is overflowing, feel free to empty it. 

20. DRESS: Vendors are expected to dress appropriately including but not limited to the fact that all vendors must wear shoes, shirt and no offensive language on clothing. Offensive signage on merchandise will not be permitted.

21. CHILDREN:  Vendors are responsible for their children and must be kept under control and at your space unless accompanied by an adult.  

22. PETS: ALL PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH AND KEPT AT YOUR RENTED SPACE. Vendors are totally responsible for the acts of such pets. (if your pet poops, pick it up)

23. NOISE: Loud or boisterous noises are prohibited including demonstration of sound and musical equipment.

24. CAMPING: Overnight camping is prohibited.  Unless authorized by management or owner, sleeping overnight, on property is not permitted at any time.  By order of The Baldwin County Health Department, sleeping in vendor’s shops is strictly prohibited.  Any vendor caught in violation will be terminated from The 181 Market.


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